31 Funny Memes And Dank Pics That Can't Be Stopped


It's not like your working anyhow, but just in case you are, perhaps you should take a break to do something for yourself for a change, learns to love yourself, man! Sometimes a little self-love can go a long way. And no we don't mean rubbing one out. But taking the time to take care of yourself and your mind are crucial to your success and longevity. So get down with your bad self with some of these phenomenal memes and pics. And the only way to make this any better, is if we offer even more fresh and funny memes to keep you occupied just a little bit longer. Or laugh your *ss off with these


  1. Posted by Dad3Jokes, — Reply

    Koalas eat freshly picked leaves, you muppets. Also Bear Girl illis was scared to be in Australia. BTW, mate, your claim “people struggle to survive here” is girl talk, mate. We are a THRIVING nation, and you pommy muppets can rack off if it’s too hard for ya. Bloody whinging pom

  2. Posted by aishwariyadebnath, — Reply

    Yea no Koalas just eat fresh Eucalyptus leaves so.. unless it's eucalyptus leaves they're good

  3. Posted by Kagriff10261213, — Reply

    So I leaned that there are these plant caled suicide plants it's where there are these things on the plant and when your out stranded in the wilderness you dont have toilet paper so they have to use leaves and the things on them itch like crazy and cause some people to comment suicide. So ya there is a fun (not really fun) fact. I dont really know much about it but if u want to u can just look it up

  4. Posted by mischief0031, — Reply
  5. Posted by addienetballswim, — Reply

    This is hilarious! I laughed of my chair. LOL

  6. Posted by cosmos1111s, — Reply

    STOP...Just Stop... Please Stop 🗡️🗡️🗡️

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