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  1. Posted by cruuselton, — Reply

    spotify: ok who has been listening to panic! for five hours nonstop? me, eating doritos and looking at memes: "mind ya own business boy"

  2. Posted by Goddessofthedead, — Reply

    Who ever listened to the Mii channel theme song for three hours today "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Me, eating macaroni in the darkness of my room: It helps my anxiety. Also my friend and I sing it when we're bored.

  3. Posted by virgil_spider, — Reply

    To whoever listened to ‘Under the Knife’ by Icon for Hire 200 times on Valentine’s Day...Who hurt you? And we hope you are doing better

  4. Posted by TheBraincellOfTheFamily, — Reply

    Mine would be: ‘dear person listening to heathers 20 times a day- what are you planning? Please don’t kill anyone’

  5. Posted by cora1870, — Reply

    Spotify: Whoever was listening to Twenty One Pilots for three hours and then switching without pause to Selena Gomez for another three, what is your problem? One does not simply-- Me: *raises one eyebrow* *puts back on headphones* *starts singing* I NEEDED TO HATE YOU TO LOVE MEEE!!

  6. Posted by maki140304, — Reply

    Probably mine would be “Dear person who listened to the Beetlejuice album 23 times in a row....please don’t summon demons”

  7. Posted by cheekylida, — Reply

    Spotify: To the person that only listens to five nights at Freddy's, Undertale, and Doki Doki literature club music, you ok? Me: *Huddles further under my blanket* ... wouldn't you like to know.

  8. Posted by MarianneOtaku, — Reply

    Mine would be: Dear person who only has anime openings in your playlist and played them on repeat for 3 days straight, do you know how to speak Japanese now? Me: I mean, if subtitles appeared while the music played, I guess?

  9. Posted by DestielImpala67, — Reply

    Mine: dear person who listened four hours Black Veil Brides and then changed to Take me home, Country roads for three hours what the heck

  10. Posted by thousandsoflilacs, — Reply

    'dear person listening to hamilton 35 times today, are you planning on starting another american revolution?'

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