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  1. Posted by demillegraffi, — Reply

    Inglish-Italy I: Foxy!!! Foxy: Um... Hi πŸ˜… I: Get out of my glass! Foxy: But I'm doing so well. In short, a Little stuck... β€’ Io: Foxy!!! Foxy: Ehm... Ciao πŸ˜… Io: Togliti dal mio bicchiere! Foxy: Ma sto cosΓ¬ bene. Insomma, un pΓ² incastrato...

  2. Posted by areed0058, — Reply

    I’m going to go do Stuff like this except 2000000000008888 % worse

  3. Posted by adellenpaul, — Reply

    Time to drink my coffe-oh wait there is a Fox in it πŸ˜†πŸ€©πŸ€—

  4. Posted by earthxn, — Reply

    So cute 🌈

  5. Posted by ljolliver, — Reply

    I can't stand how cute this is!

  6. Posted by garrettlovesfoxes, — Reply

    I’ll take six, this exact model please ☝️

  7. Posted by elkeengelbarts, — Reply

    It is too cute

  8. Posted by PunnyCraftODoggie, — Reply

    But it’s not real

  9. Posted by rickchris1, — Reply

    Sooooo cute

  10. Posted by DragonFireOrnigal, — Reply

    Get out >:c

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