Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs - Dinner, then Dessert


Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs are an easy appetizer of tater tots and sharp cheddar cheese wrapped in thick cut bacon, rolled in brown sugar and baked.


  1. Posted by C13530HWA, — Reply

    well, there isn't a middle choice. Basically, it didn't suck. Neither the bacon nor the tater tots got crispy enough. But more cook time might fix that. All in all, not bad, but not worth a do-over.

  2. Posted by lbrish, — Reply

    I wish the tater tot would have had a bit of crisp. It turned out soggy. Perhaps if the tots were fried, then bacon wrapped and baked?

  3. Posted by jeneeuzelac, — Reply

    Grandkids and hubby loved these!! I will cut the bacon into thirds next time to cut down the grease and try for more crispness. Delish, tho.

  4. Posted by whydontwegetdru, — Reply

    Parchment paper if I do this again. Not to bad.

  5. Posted by dtrudel_2, — Reply

    Very good

  6. Posted by Fontine, — Reply

    Wasn't as good as it sounds like it would be. Didn't get as crispy as I wanted.

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