Enchanting Autumn Nashville Wedding at Drakewood Farm | Junebug Weddings


The autumnal colors, woodsy ceremony space, and vintage details made this Nashville wedding at Drakewood Farm an unbelievable fairytale come to life.


  1. Posted by esbjornssoon, — Reply

    Everyone’s like “If my man doesn’t cry, bitch doesn’t deserve marrying me.” I mean, some people just ain’t that emotional. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you

  2. Posted by lovelyasitgets, — Reply

    I am not getting married if my man doesn't look at me and cry BTW in Indian wedding is this even possible?

  3. Posted by samaramayhem25, — Reply

    If you aren’t crying like this, I’m turning around

  4. Posted by bvalley5711, — Reply

    No fense but when I first glanced at the pic I thought it was a funeral

  5. Posted by mishellelamarandphotography, — Reply

    I love this shot of the groom! So heartfelt.

  6. Posted by maleenphotography, — Reply

    Awesome picture 😊

  7. Posted by alix_hudson, — Reply

    b in all black??

  8. Posted by laceygiannetta, — Reply

    All black

  9. Posted by samaramayhem25, — Reply


  10. Posted by tinaserpas, — Reply


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